Collaboration with Older Adults (NURS 1261)

This course introduces the nurse’s professional role in health care with an ethical responsibility to communicate clearly and advocate for the older adult. Relational skills focus on the older adult within the contexts of aging, chronicity, and psychogeriatrics. Communication with family members as partners in caring will be addressed. Ethical and legal professional responsibilities in caring for the older adult will be explored, considering trends and issues in aging. Students continue to refine writing skills with an appreciation of the critical inquiry process. Leadership with professional responsibility for self-evaluation, conflict resolution/prevention and lifelong learning for professional growth will be introduced.
Course code: NURS 1261
Credits: 2.0
Length: 30.0 hours
Course outline: view


NURS 1160, NURS 1161, NURS 1162, NURS 1163, NURS 1164.


NURS 1260, NURS 1262, NURS 1263, NURS 1264.

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