Role Transitions (NURS 1357)

This course is designed to assist the practicing Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) identify and explain the interrelationships of research, theory, philosophy and practice required to transition into baccalaureate nursing education. There will be an analysis of the scope of both LPN and Registered Nurse (RN) roles in practice to understand key differences and similarities between the two professional groups. The focus will be on the role transition from LPN to student RN with an emphasis on formation of the deeper thinking, meta cognition and learner centered processes required for success in the program and practice. The Vancouver Community College (VCC) Framework for Healing and Health Promotion will be introduced to guide learners to understand the theoretical perspectives required to create a deeper understanding of the contextual influences impacting nursing, people and the environment in contemporary practice settings.
Course code: NURS 1357
Credits: 2.0
Tuition: $0*
Length: 30 hours
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