Health Illness Transitions (NURS 2163)

This course builds on prior knowledge of health, social determinants of health, health promotion and transition theory to focus on young to middle adults in acute care. The course explores health-illness transitions by assessing “where the person is situated” in terms of health, developmental stage and transitions to understand their readiness for learning tailored to the individual and their family. Emphasis is on principles of adult teaching and learning and the design of health promotion strategies that are tailored to the individual and their family.
Course code: NURS 2163
Credits: 2.0
Length: 30.0 hours
Course outline: view


NURS 1260, NURS 1261, NURS 1262, NURS 1263, NURS 1264.


NURS 2160, NURS 2161, NURS 2162, NURS 2164.

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