Information Systems for Health Sciences (PREH 1100)

This course is designed to provide students, especially those with limited computer skills, with a basic level of computer literacy required for their success in academic and professional life. The course involves the exploration of common computer terminologies and practical features of Microsoft Office, electronic mail, internet search skills, and reference manager software. In addition, students will explore the basic concepts related to using computer technologies in the health care sector and associated ethical principles. The course will enable students to write academic and professional reports, analyze data, search scientific evidence, organize scientific references, prepare presentations, and explore the basics of electric health records. This is significant to provide hands-on computer experience for students and facilitate their success in today's work place. Students will also be introduced to an online learning platform that will enhance their ability to communicate.
Course code: PREH 1100
Credits: 2.5
Length: 48.0 hours
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