Deaf Culture and Community 1 (SIGN 1300)

This course will cover the basic elements of Deaf Culture and Deaf Community with particular emphasis on current issues faced by the Deaf. The course will discuss and instill the concept of cultural relativism. The class format will generally consist of open discussion activities on topics related to the community and culture of Deaf people. Videotapes, assigned readings from required texts, and supplementary readings will be used as springboards to discussion.
Course code: SIGN 1300
Credits: 3.0
Length: 60.0 hours
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1) English 12 with C or equivalent, or English Language Proficiency at an English 12 level, or equivalent AND 2) SIGN 1000 or equivalent OR 3) Admission to the ASL & Deaf Studies program.


SIGN 1100, SIGN 1200, SIGN 1400 and SIGN 1500.

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