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Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)

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Work-integrated learning (WIL) placements are part of many VCC programs and are often called practicum, clinical placement, apprenticeship, or work experience.

Hosting a WIL student allows you to bring trained talent into your workplace and test their skills prior to hiring. It also provides your current employees with supervisory and/or mentorship growth opportunities.

Your first step is to identify the program you want to work with. Review our VCC WIL programs to select the area most closely aligned with your industry, organization or staffing needs. 

The majority of VCC WIL placements are between 2-4 weeks. VCC has several WIL placements where students are paid, but the majority are unpaid. For any questions related to hosting a work-integrated learning placement, please reach out to VCC CareerLAB at or connect with the specific VCC program that trains students in your industry or in the skills you need in your organization.