Biology 12 - Part 1 (BIOL 0983)

This course introduces the student to the study of the cell. Students examine cell structure, metabolism and genetics. The course explores diets and family hereditary patterns, linking both to the blueprint of life itself, DNA. Topics addressed include basic chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, immunology, cancer, the human genome, genetic engineering, and metabolic pathways.

Both Biology 0983 and Biology 0993 are required for completion of ABE Provincial level Biology.

Biology 0983 and Biology 0993 can be taken at the same time or in any order.
Course code: BIOL 0983
Credits: 4.0
Length: 96.0 hours
Course outline: view
Campus: Broadway Broadway


Biology 11 (BIOL 0861/0871 or equivalent); English 10 (ENGL 059, an ELA score of 127, or equivalent);
Math 10 (Foundations of Mathematics & Precalculus 10, MATH 0750/0751, or equivalent); Chemistry 0861/0871 is recommended; English 11 is strongly recommended.

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