Bridge (DHHE 0600H)

This is an English Upgrading course for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at the Bridge Level. Students learn skills ranging from Pre-Literacy to an increased Basic Level of Literacy and Numeracy. Students will make general connections between real life objects and representations. This will lead into a more formalized recognition of letters, using upper/lower case and alphabetical order. With the support of ASL signs, students will read and follow short instructions, read simple stories up to 4 sentences based on personal or local information and reconstruct their meaning using flashcards. They will locate specific key words and rehearse vocabulary from these short readings. Students will develop writing skills by copying and reproducing parts of a form based on familiar information and produce a guided, 1-3 word sentence using a picture. Students will start to develop computer skills by identifying basic features/icons on a Windows-based computer desktop. Students will develop broad, functional numeracy skills by using simple patterns to count up to 100, recognizing and using basic Canadian currency to make simple purchases and recognizing numbers in addresses and telephone numbers. The students are taught using a variety of communication methods, assistive learning equipment and modified materials.
Course code: DHHE 0600H
Credits: 0.0
Length: 10.0 hours
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Campus: Broadway Broadway