Registering in Courses

How to Register in Courses

These registration guides have pictures to help you register easily!

If you are new or returning to VCC after more than 3 years, use the How to Register for Courses Guide for New Students.

If you have registered at VCC within the last 3 years, use the How to Register for Courses Guide for Returning Students.


New students can also follow these instructions. 

  1. Open Chrome on a desktop or laptop computer. 
  2. Go to myVCC
  3. Enter your student ID and password.
    • If this is your first time logging in, your initial password will use your birthdate in this format: VCCMMDDYY# (“VCC” plus your birthday (MMDDYY) plus hashtag ("#"). For example, if your birthday is January 30, 1995, your initial temporary password will be VCC013095#. After your first login, you will be prompted to create a new, secure password.
    • The first time you go into My Account, you will be prompted to setup Self Service Password Reset and Multifactor Authentication(MFA). You can find a step-by-step guide to MFA set up here.
    • You may be asked for a PIN during login or registration. Your PIN and your password are not the same. If you are asked to enter a PIN, enter your birthdate in this format: MMDDYY.
    • If you have trouble logging in, please call the VCC Help Desk at 604.443.8700 or email
  4. Click MyServices - enter your student email (your student ID; and password
  5. Follow the authentication instructions
  6. Click Register for Courses
  7. Click Check Registration Status
  8. Select a term:
    • Terms are:
      • Winter: January - April
      • Spring: April - June (spring EAL/Pathways courses)
      • Spring/Summer: May - August
      • Fall: September - December
  9. Confirm your registration status permits registration. 
  10. Check for Permit Overrides
    • If the Permit Override section shows a CRN (course registration number), write it down or copy it. You will need it to register.
  11. Select the Registration tab at the top of your screen
  12. Click Register for Courses - if your term does not show, select a term
  13. Choose a registration tab
    • Find Classes: Use this if you don’t know your CRNs (Course Reference Number).
      • Choose a subject area or course number.
      • Click Search.
      • Find the class(es) in which you want to register.
      • Click Add.
      • Click Submit.
    • Enter CRNs: Use this if you know your CRNs
      • Click on the Enter CRNs tab.
      • Enter the CRN(s).
      • Click Add to Summary.
      • Click Submit.
    • Block: This tab only shows if you have been pre-assigned to a Block to register in
  14. View your tuition and fees
    • Click Tuition and Fees at the top corner of your registration summary
  15. Make your fee payment
    • Go to the Student Profile tab
    • Click Pay Fees/Installments
    • Click Pay Now
    • Choose your payment method:
      • Option 1: Select 'Click here' to pay by Flywire and pay a 2.5% merchant fee, or
      • Option 2: Pay using your online bank account. Add Vancouver Community College as a 'Payee' and use your VCC student ID number as the 'account number.' 

If you have any questions during your registration, please contact Admissions and Registration at 604.871.7000, option 4.