Admissions and Registration


Looking for a form? Find your admissions and registration forms here.

Application and Admissions forms:

Application: Use this form if you are unable to apply online through EducationPlanner BC

Request to Defer Admission: Use this form if you want to defer your admission.

Youth Train in Trades: This form is for school districts only.

Non-academic Admissions Requirements forms:

Consent to a Criminal Record Check (CRC): Use this form if you are required to submit a CRC and you do not have a BC Services Card or you live outside of British Columbia

Immunization Record: Use this form if you are required to submit an immunization record for a health program. Check your program page to find out who you need to send the form to.

Other forms:

Consent for Release of Information: Use this form to give someone else permission to see some or all of your VCC academic or financial information.

Can't find what you are looking for? Find more forms on the Student Records page

VCC alumni who have not registered in courses for 3 years or more are not able to access services offered through their former myVCC student account.  If you require a transcript, please complete the Request for Official Transcript form. Please note that the Registrar's Office will not issue unofficial transcripts or release grades over the telephone.