After your Acceptance

Defer your Admission

You may be able to defer your admission to an intake that starts within one year of the intake of your original application or acceptance. If your deferral is approved, you do not need to resubmit educational documents or pay an application fee. Some programs may require you to update time sensitive documents (i.e., CPR certification, Math assessment, etc.). You will be informed of any requirements.

You may request to defer your admission if:

  • you received a letter of acceptance, or
  • you submitted a complete application by the deadline, but you were waitlisted and did not get a seat in the term you applied for, and
  • you have paid any required commitment fee for your original intake, and
  • you defer to an intake that starts within one year of your original intake (i.e., you were waitlisted or accepted to Fall 2024 and you defer to Fall 2025), and
  • your request is for any reason for a regular base program (i.e., not Continuing Studies, Apprenticeship, or individual courses), or
  • your request is for the Dental Hygiene Diploma, BScN, or BScN Advanced Entry program and you have medical evidence of an acute health event, exacerbated chronic condition, pregnancy or similar circumstances

You should understand that:

  • defer requests do not guarantee a seat in your desired intake
  • you may only request to defer your admission and commitment fee one time
  • the commitment fee is non-refundable for any intake
  • your request will be reviewed and approval is subject to seat availability

Deadline to submit a deferred request:

  • You have a letter of acceptance: Please refer to your letter of acceptance for deadline information.
  • You were waitlisted and did not get a seat: Please refer to the email that informed you your application was cancelled.

To request a deferral:

STEP 1: Complete the Request to Defer Admission form

STEP 2: Email the form to

STEP 3: Check your application status at for updates. Please note that letters of acceptance for future terms may not be available until closer to your desired intake.