English Foundations 3 (DHHE 0603)

English Foundations 3 focuses on effective communication in ASL and English in multiple contexts including personal, educational, and workplace contexts of basic complexity. Learners differentiate and produce a variety of genre types used in personal, educational, and workplace contexts.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to meet the outcomes at CLB 3 in the “Profiles of Ability” columns of the competency outcomes and standards listed in the “Canadian Language Benchmarks for the Deaf."
Course code: DHHE 0603
Credits: 15.0
Length: 255.0 hours
Course outline: view https://www.vcc.ca/vccphp/courseoutline?subject=DHHE&number=0603


DHHE 0620, or department placement interview indicating competency in CLB 2.

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