Math 10 Skills Part 2 (MTSK 0760)

This course provides students who wish to take Pre-calculus Math 11 or Foundations of Math 11 with the necessary background foundation in select topics in introductory algebra, geometry and trigonometry that they will need in order to be successful. Topics covered in this course include: polynomials, graphing, introductory trigonometry, perimeter, area, volume, parallel lines, absolute value, order of operations with nested parentheses, and algebra topics such as: translating word problems to equations, solving the equation and solving simple formulas for one variable.

Since this is a skills course and not a credit course, students can be assigned any or all of the above topics depending on the results of their College and Career Access Department assessment.
Course code: MTSK 0760
Credits: 0.0
Length: 96.0 hours
Course outline: view


MTSK 0750 with S, or MATH 0750 with a C-, or 80% on the VCC Basic Arithmetic Assessment, or CCA departmental approval based on results from the Algebra 1 assessment.

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