Physics 12 Part 2 (PHYS 0993)

This course begins with the study of electrostatics. Coulomb's Law is applied to two-dimensional situations, which involve multiple charges. The vector addition of the forces involved uses the trigonometric component method. Electric field, electric potential and capacitance are examined. Electric current is studied in detail, in both AC and DC forms. The behavior of circuit elements such as capacitors, resistors and inductors is studied leading to an understanding of electrical resonance in AC circuits. Electromagnetism and electromagnetic induction are introduced and used to explain the operation of motors and generators.

Both Physics 0983 and Physics 0993 are required for completion of ABE Provincial level Physics

Physics 0983 and Physics 0993 can be taken at the same time or in any order.
Course code: PHYS 0993
Credits: 4.0
Length: 96.0 hours
Course outline: view


Physics 11 or equivalent; Pre-calculus 11 (successfully completed within the last 3 years); or a minimum score of 72% on the Intermediate Algebra Math Assessment or equivalent; English 10 or equivalent; completion of Pre-calculus 12 recommended - if not completed enrollment in MATH 0983 and 0993 is recommended.

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