Foundations of Adult Education (PIDP 3100)

The Foundations of Adult Education course introduces participants to key elements from the background and theory of adult education and the cognitive sciences. They will discuss the characteristics of the adult learner and adult learning, and outline key roles of the adult educator. In addition, participants will develop skills related to reflective practice, communication, and the use of learning tools. They will use search strategies to access resources which they will require in their work. Participants will be introduced to concepts and techniques used to plan for teaching and learning. They will examine ways to create positive environments for learning in courses, workshops, presentations, and short forms of on-the-job training.
Course code: PIDP 3100
Credits: 3.0
Length: 45.0 hours
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Future Skills Grant

This VCC course is available for the BC grant of up to $3,500 in eligible costs.

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