Student Complaints

General Information

Vancouver Community College is committed to providing high-quality education, support, and services to its students and recognizes that students may, from time to time, have concerns about their educational and service experience, and may seek to address these concerns.

Issues relating to instruction, service, college employees, policy, procedures, or practices

The following pages provide information and resources for students to either resolve or issue an official complaint regarding instruction, service, college employees, policy, procedures, or practices. These procedures are designed to provide a prompt response to student complaints. All parties are encouraged to address concerns informally whenever possible. For more information and detailed steps, you can begin the process here: Submitting a Complaint

Issues relating to final grades, student conduct, or human rights

This student complaints process should not be used for issues relating to final grades, student conduct, or human rights. For these matters, students should reference the appropriate policy below or information on how to proceed.

Not sure where to begin? For assistance in resolving or submitting complaints, students may contact:

  • Arbiter of Student Issues (Dispute Resolution)
    The Arbiter of student issues works with both students and prospective students around their rights, obligations, and options when it comes to appeals and complaints
  • Student Conduct
    The Office of Student Conduct supports students to act in a manner that respects others and promotes their well-being and safety.
  • Students' Union of VCC - Office of the Students' Advocate
    The Students' Union of VCC Students' Advocate provides a safe, confidential and informal environment for students to discuss conflicts, complaints or disputes. The Students' Advocate can provide support and assistance with interpretation of VCC policies and procedures.