English Language Requirements

ESL/EAL Pathways courses

If you want to register in ESL/EAL Pathways or ESL/EAL Pathways – Advanced courses, you can use Canadian Language Benchmarks, the Duolingo English Test, or EAP levels to meet VCC’s English language requirements.

English Language Requirements for Entry into ELSK Courses (2022)

If you want to enter into this courseYou need this CLB level, Duolingo score, or EAP level
Course CodeCourse NameCLB*Duolingo**EAP Level***
ELSK 0915 ESL Listening & Speaking 9 8 115-120 (min. 115 in both Conversation and Literacy) IV
ELSK 0920 ESL Reading & Writing 9 8 115-120 (min. 115 in both Conversation and Literacy) IV
ELSK 0925 EAL Pathway to University Transfer English 8 115-120 (min. 115 in both Conversation and Literacy) IV
ELSK 0815 ESL Listening & Speaking 8 7 105-110 in Conversation III
ELSK 0820 ESL Reading & Writing 8 7 105-110 in Literacy III
ELSK 0715 ESL Listening & Speaking 7 6 95-100 in Conversation II
ELSK 0720 ESL Reading & Writing 7 6 95-100 in Literacy II
ELSK 0615 ESL Listening & Speaking 6 5 75-90 in Conversation I
ELSK 0620 ESL Reading & Writing 6 5 75-90 in Literacy I
ELSK 0515 ESL Listening & Speaking 5 4 55-70 in Conversation NA
ELSK 0520 ESL Reading & Writing 5 4 55-70 in Literacy NA


*Canadian Language Benchmarks level shown on one of the following.
  CLB tests and assessments are valid for one year.
  LINC certificates and VCC Pathways course grades do not expire.

**Duolingo scores are valid for two years.

***EAP Level as shown on the
 BC TransferGuide.
      EAP levels do not expire.

Proof of credentials

All applicants using external credentials (e.g. degrees, credits, or test scores) to meet VCC's English language requirements must provide proof upon application.



See Advising Services for meeting VCC's English Language Requirements.

If you do not meet the English language requirements for your program and want more information about VCC English assessments or courses, please contact more options.