Delivery of Instruction (PIDP 3220)

The Delivery of Instruction course provides participants with the opportunity to prepare, deliver and debrief three short (10 min.) mini-lessons with the rest of the class. Participants are encouraged to select one lesson from each of the three domains of learning (cognitive, affective, psychomotor). They are expected to use a variety of techniques while they present content and processes in a clear, enthusiastic and interactive manner. They will provide useful feedback to other course participants. The instructor will critique each lesson as well. Participants will then reflect critically on each lesson they taught and prepare a written reflective report describing their progress and learning during the course. This particular approach has been proven to be highly effective in increasing instructional skills in adult educators.
Course code: PIDP 3220
Credits: 2.0
Length: 30.0 hours
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Future Skills Grant

This VCC course is available for the BC grant of up to $3,500 in eligible costs.

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