COVID-19 latest update:

Expect online/hybrid learning in Fall-Winter 2020-21


Assessment Centre


The Assessment Centre is offering some alternative testing options at this time. 

To check out what alternative options we are offering, please click on the appropriate box below.  

The Assessment Centre is still open for inquiries and can be reached by email or

by phone 604.871.7093 Option 2. 


If you require assistance with program requirements and alternative options, please make an appointment with an Academic Advisor by calling 604.871.7000 Option 2 or schedule online at online appointment booking.


Thank you for your patience and understanding during a very challenging and very complex time.




Please email the Assessment Centre at to get more information about an alternative option. In your email, please include your program of interest.  

Thank you.




Note: We currently only offer keyboarding assessments for VCC programs.

To book an assessment for a VCC course or program, you need the following 3 pieces of information:

  •  A VCC ID number (usually 9 digits and begins with '000')
  •  The name of the VCC course or program you want to get into
  •  The name of the VCC assessment you need to take

If you do not have these 3 pieces of information, please speak with one of the following advisors:

*It is the student's responsibility to confirm and request the correct assessment for their chosen program/course.  Please consult with a VCC advisor for details.



Note: On January 02, 2019, the new assessment and rescheduling fees will come into effect


Please book online by clicking on the following link:

If you do not have a credit card, please do not book online.  Contact the Assessment Centre at 604-871-7093 and please leave a message at Option 6.  


Details about the Keyboarding Assessment:

- The keyboarding assessment consists of 6 five-minute timings done on a computer using the Cortez-Peters keyboarding program

- Backspace key is disabled  (cannot backspace to correct)

- 2 spaces after a period (.)   1 space after a comma (,)

- 2 spaces after a colon (:)   1 space after a semi-colon (;)

- Timed Writings are on a piece of paper and not on the screen

- Use a regular keyboard to practice and not on a laptop if possible

Please allow 1 hour to 1 ½ hour  of your time to do the keyboarding assessment.

This assessment may be retaken without a waiting period.


Picture identification is needed to enter the assessment room (ie: valid passport, driver's license, PR card, BCID, etc.).




Assessment fees are non-refundable.  * Fees are subject to change *

The cost for a keyboarding assessment is $40.00.  Payment must be made to secure your appointment.  

To reschedule your keyboard assessment appointment, we require 48 hours notice to avoid a $25 rescheduling fee.


Assessment results are confidential and valid for one calendar year.

This assessment may be retaken without a waiting period.

An assessment fee applies each time you do the keyboarding assessment.

Duplicate results lettters can be generated at an additional fee. Contact us for more information.