Practice and Prepare

These resources will help you prepare for your Keyboarding assessment

This information will help you do your best on assessment day!

Assessment location and schedule:

  • The assessment is in-person at the VCC Broadway campus Assessment Centre
  • Schedules are subject to change without prior notice

Preparing for your assessment:

  • Practice on a free standing keyboard rather than a laptop
  • You need to show one piece of government-issued photo identification to enter the assessment room (e.g. a valid passport, driver's license, BC Services Card)
  • Allow 60 minutes of your time to do the assessment

What is the assessment like?

  • Before the assessment starts, you will have three 1-minute practice sessions
  • The assessment consists of six 5-minute tests
  • The timed writings will be on your computer monitor. You will type on a freestanding keyboard
  • You may use the backspace key
  • The assessment is called Typist