Basic Methodology (BAKG 1143)

This course introduces students to the basic methods used in baking. Methods include creaming, biscuit and muffin methods, pie-dough method and straight dough method. Students apply theoretical concepts such as fermentation, leavening, aeration and emulsification and gluten development to their practice. A variety of items are produced using these basic methods. Problem-solving is applied through the conceptual thinking framework. Students gain an understanding of the proofing process by making yeast doughs and the baking process through oven work. Products are made from mixes as well as from scratch. Knife skills are also practiced. Students calculate formulas and select and use ingredients, equipment and production methods according to production criteria and industry standards. Students will practice organizing their time to meet daily production requirements and to become proficient.

This course is part of the full-time Baking and Pastry Arts – Artisan Baking & Baking and Pastry Arts - Pastry Program.
Course code: BAKG 1143
Credits: 6.0
Length: 150.0 hours
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