Application Periods

 Applications are only accepted if submitted during the application periods.

Term Month Open Dates Close Dates
Winter 2025 January
February 1, 2024

Vary by program and seat availability.

Check the application availability page.

Spring/Summer 2025 May June 1, 2024
Fall 2024 September October 1, 2023


Applications May Be Closed Soon

  • Many high-demand programs fill quickly, and may close shortly after the application period is open.
  • Competitive selection programs may also close sooner than the other programs.
  • Check if applications are accepted for your program of choice on the Application Availability Status page before applying.


Apply to a Term

  • Program start dates within the same term can vary, depending on availability. Applicants cannot request specific start dates within the term.
  • For example, students applying for the Winter term of the Culinary Arts Diploma may be offered a March start date.


Applicants' Study Permit Status on the Availability Page

Only students with a valid study permit can study in Canada for full-time programs over 6 months in length, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The availability status may be different based on an applicant's study permit status, depending on when a program is filled and if waitlists are accepted. Review the following information for details before applying.


Application Open Dates

VCC International programs operate on a three-term schedule (Winter, Spring/Summer, and Fall). Applications for each term are only accepted after the application periods are open. Application close dates may vary depending on when a program is filled.


Applicants without a Valid Study Permit

When the application periods are open, all applicants are welcome to apply regardless of their study permit status. Some popular programs may be filled shortly, and when a program is filled, qualified applicants may receive a waitlist notification. As there is no guarantee for when and if waitlisted applicants will receive a Letter of Acceptance to start their study permit application process if a program is filled or all seats are offered out, VCC will stop accepting applications from students without a study permit. The application status will be changed to "Closed". 


Applicants with a Valid Study Permit

A program is filled when all offered seats are accepted. Until all offers are accepted, VCC will continue to accept applications from qualified students with a study permit on the waitlist. The study permit must be valid for at least 3 weeks after the date a complete application is received at VCC.


Recommendations for Applicants Without a Valid Study Permit

If your desired intakes are closed for application for students who do not already have a study permit, we strongly encourage you to follow the process below:

  1. Apply to a future intake as soon as the application period is open, for a higher chance of being accepted.
  2. Once accepted, you may begin your study permit application. 
  3. Once we receive the proof of your study permit approval, you may request to start in an earlier intake if program seats open up. 

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