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University Transfer

Start your university degree at VCC's university transfer program page in a supportive learning environment with attentive instructors, and transfer credits to post-secondary institutions across British Columbia. View our website for the course listing and timetables.


What is Transfer

According to the BC Transfer Guide, transfer is when one institution recognizes education completed at another. You can use the credits earned from VCC to fulfill some of the requirements for your credential at another institution to which you're admitted. Be sure to plan your study by researching transferrable courses on the BC Transfer Guide to and from VCC, depending on your transfer needs. 


Prerequisites at VCC

While students may meet the admission requirements of the University Transfer programs at VCC, individual courses may have specific requirements. Acceptance into the university transfer programs does not guarantee individual course registration eligibility. Visit our website to review the course offerings, and click on each course to review the course prerequisites. Be sure to check with a VCC International Student Advisor to confirm if you meet the prerequisites of your chosen VCC courses and discuss your study plan before course registration.


VCC Program Graduation Requirements

To obtain a VCC University Transfer credential, there are specific courses required to be completed. Refer to each program page for details.


VCC Course Schedules

Most University Transfer classes are offered in September, and some in January. The course offerings in May are limited. To ensure meeting your full-time status, remember to plan for alternative courses in case your preferred classes have overlapping schedules or are not offered in the term of your choice. Schedules and timetables are usually available two to three months prior to the beginning of classes.   


Transfer VCC Credits to Universities

A successful university transfer plan requires an international student to do the following:

  1. Connect with the receiving institution to learn more about the transfer admissions process. For example, if you are planning to transfer courses to the Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of British Columbia (UBC), research on their website and meet with their advisors to learn about application deadlines, transfer admissions requirements including grades (GPA), number of credits, and type of courses required.
  2. Know what courses and prerequisites to meet at VCC. Once you know the transfer admission requirements at your choice of receiving institution, research on BC Transfer Guide to confirm which courses you need to complete at VCC.
  3. Meet with a VCC International Student Advisor to review your research and plan your study as early as possible to avoid delays in your study plan.


Academic Course Planning at VCC

Current VCC international students enrolled in VCC's University Transfer programs may schedule an academic course planning appointment with a VCC International Student Advisor by booking an advising session online, emailing or calling 604-443-8600. Ensure to do some research ahead of time in preparation for your academic course planning advising session. For example:

  • Which university are you planning to transfer your VCC credits to, and what program?
  • How many credits, and what courses does this university require?
  • What is the application deadline of the university of your choice?
  • After checking the BC Transfer Guide, what VCC courses are you planning to take to fulfill the transfer requirements?
  • After checking individual course pages from VCC's , do you meet the prerequisites of the VCC courses you plan to take?


Transfer Credits to VCC

International students with prior post-secondary education must officially request transfer credits to VCC. Official transcripts, course outlines and certified translation in English (if applicable) must be included when submitting a transfer credit request to VCC.


BC Transfer Guide

Students transferring between post-secondary institutions in B.C. may refer to the BC Transfer Guide to confirm course transfer eligibility.


Transcripts from Outside of Canada

Students with transcripts from outside of Canada require an ICES Comprehensive evaluation. Some programs require supplemental reports for transfer credits.


Request for Credit Transfer

Continuing Studies Full-Time Programs


Other Full-Time Programs


Important Notes

Insufficient documents may result in a delay in the process or be deemed not completed. Students must apply for transfer credit prior to the start of a program, and allow a minimum of 3 weeks for processing. 

The awarding of transfer credit may reduce the number of courses registered in a term. Connect with a VCC International Student Advisor to discuss if you are not meeting the full-time course load as a study permit holder, or are concerned about your PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Permit) eligibility.