VCC International

Course Transfers to Accounting Diploma

Applicants who meet the requirements outlined below may be eligible to transfer courses to VCC's Accounting Diploma, provided that the following requirements are met.


List of Articulated Institutions and Requirements for Course Transfers

Complete one of the articulated programs with the required GPA to qualify for the transfer to VCC's Accounting Diploma. Note that the articulation eligibility may be subject to change.

Partner InstitutionArticulated ProgramGPA RequirementTransfer to VCC
Greystone College Advanced Diploma in Business Administration 2.67 6 courses
Greystone College International Business Management Diploma  2.67 5 courses



Apply for Course Transfers

  1. Complete the following programs with the required GPA.
  2. Meet VCC's admission requirements, and apply to VCC's Accounting Diploma with the transcripts and diploma from the partner institution. 
  3. After receiving admission to the program, submit the Transfer Credit Request Form with supporting documentation at least 3 weeks before classes begin. On the request form:
    • Indicate MOU in the "sending course" column.
    • Indicate Your Institution Name in the "transfer from" column
    • Indicate the VCC Program Name in the "VCC course" column


Course Availability and Schedule for Course Transfers

As transfer students are not part of the cohort program, course availability and schedules may vary, and will be confirmed by VCC's Hospitality Management department after the transfer student is admitted.


PGWP Eligibility for Course Transfers

Please note that the post-graduation work permit (PGWP) length is issued based on the length of the study program at an eligible designated learning institution (DLI), such as VCC. Not all DLIs and not all programs of study make an international student eligible for the PGWP. If you transfer between educational institutions, transferring courses from a non-eligible DLI to VCC, only the time you study at VCC will be counted towards your PGWP. You must spend at least 8 months at VCC to be eligible for a PGWP. Please visit Work in Canada after you graduate: Who can apply to learn more and connect with an International Student Advisor if you have further questions.