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VCC International

Withdrawal and Refund

Refund Policy

Withdrawal Process

Refund Appeals

Refund Processing Time


Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process may be different, depending on when the request is received.


Withdraw Before Programs Start

Students requesting to withdraw from a program before the start date must submit a written request by email to with the following information.


Withdraw After Programs Start

Students requesting to withdraw after a program has already started must submit a written request by email to with the following information.

  • Student name, ID, program and intake
  • Program Withdrawal Form completed and signed by the student
  •  completed and signed by the student, if applicable


Refund Policy

Download the VCC International Refund Policy Information Sheet for a quick reference, or refer to the refund policy page for eligible refund amounts and notification deadlines for more details. 


Refund Appeals

Appeals are for extenuating circumstances, and appeal decisions are not guaranteed. Before submitting an appeal request to, review the following important instructions.

  • Appeals must be submitted within 30 business days of withdrawing to be considered.
  • Appeals submitted after 75% of the course/program is completed are not entitled to a refund.
  • Appeals must include the Student Appeal Form and supporting documentation with certified translation, if not in English.


Refund Processing Time

8 weeks (on average)

  • The refund processing time is approximate and based on the date a complete refund request is received by the International Education Office and the date that VCC processes the refund.

  • Statutory holidays and VCC campus closures may increase the refund processing time.

  • Wire transfer refunds may take longer as it can take up to two weeks of additional time for funds sent from VCC via wire transfer to be received at some international banks.  

  • Processing time for refund requests that accompany refund appeal requests does not follow the standard refund processing times listed on this page. Students will be notified of the refund appeal decision via email within six weeks of submitting the Student Appeal Form. Refund processing time starts at the time of appeal decision. 

  • If it has been longer than the processing time listed here, students may contact with a copy of the original complete refund request email indicating the submission date.