Prospective Agents

A prospective agent is an agent that:

  • Has never signed an agent agreement with VCC
  • Had a VCC agent agreement that had been terminated before the expiry date
  • Had a VCC agent agreement that expired and was not renewed

Only VCC-appointed agents with valid agent agreements and good standing status may represent VCC and may receive commissions for successful student referrals.


Agent Recruitment Status Update

Currently, VCC is NOT actively signing new agents or recruitment partners.

Due to limited enrolment capacity and with a well-established network of agents and partners actively recruiting students to VCC, we are not signing more prospective agents. From time to time, when new programs are launched, additional seat capacities are created, and emergent markets are identified, agents recruiting from specific regions or particular programs may be encouraged to apply to work with VCC. Check the Agent Recruitment Status Update regularly.

VCC has Overseas Teams supporting agents and students from various regions. Remember to get in touch with the team if you mainly recruit students in these markets, as the need to sign new agents in specific regions may vary.


Check Student Referral for more details about student referral expectations.