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How to Apply to VCC

Before Applying

Apply by Email

Application Fees

Important Notice

After Applying



Before Applying

Check Admission Requirements

Programs are offered on a first-qualified, first-admitted basis. Check that all admission requirements are met before applying.


Select One Program

Applicants will only be considered for one program per application. Applications for more than one program in the same intake are not accepted.


Check Application Availability

Check application availability and apply if the program status indicates "Apply Now".

Offers are not guaranteed, and qualified applicants may be placed on the waitlist if program seats are full or reserved. Apply as soon as the application period is open to increase the chance of getting an offer.


Apply by Email

Include all of the following in one email to study@vcc.ca if the status is "Apply Now".


Application forms with incomplete information will be discarded, and re-submission of application packages will be required. Please ensure all mandatory fields are entered, such as phone numbers, emergency contacts, and other important information.



Application Fees

  • International application fee: $145 per program, and $70 for subsequent programs
  • Application fees are assessed upon receipt of the applications.
  • Application fees and assessment fees are non-refundable.
  • Application fees are not transferrable among VCC programs. Students applying to a different program must pay the application fee again.  
  • Applications are withdrawn if an offer is rejected, or if the program applied to has started. To re-apply, a new application package and application fee will be required.


Important Notice about Applications

  • Applications with missing documents or invalid payment details may result in a delay in the application processing time.
  • Program seats will be available on a first-qualified, first-offered basis.
  • Application processing times may vary depending on the time of the year.


After Applying

Receive an Admissions Decision

After applications are evaluated, an admissions decision will be provided.

  • Letter of Offer is issued to qualified applicants if program seats are available. Find out more about how to accept an offer.
  • Waitlist Confirmation is issued to qualified applicants if program seats are reserved or full. 
  • Additional Documents may be requested if students do not meet the admissions requirements.



Students may re-apply to the same program or a different program.


Withdrawn Applications

Applications may be withdrawn for different reasons, for example:

  • The tuition deposits indicated on the offer letters are not received by the deadlines.
  • The intakes of waitlisted applications have already started.
  • The conditions of admission are not met by the deadlines.

International students whose applications are withdrawn may re-apply to VCC by submitting a complete application package, including application fees.


Program Change

International students may apply to one program at a time. Applications for more than one program in the same intake are not accepted. Students applying to a different program must re-apply by submitting a complete application package, including application fees. 


Ready to apply? Apply Now.

Still have questions about applying to VCC? Contact our International Advisors.