International Peer Mentor Community (IPMC)

What is IPMC



The Role of the VCC International Education


What is IPMC

The International Peer Mentor Community is designed to help new international students adjust to life at Vancouver Community College. The goal is to smooth transition and facilitate connection and engagement between new VCC international students (Mentees) and trained current VCC students (Mentors).

As part of the program, you will make new friends, get insider perception, build social connections, and share knowledge and experience, providing an opportunity to learn from different perspectives in a multicultural environment. Your Peer Mentor will help you connect with other students, learn how to adjust to life in Canada and inform you about services and resources available at VCC throughout the first term.

The International Peer Mentor Community allows participants to develop leadership skills and build long-term friendships. You will also participate in events and fun activities organized by VCC International Education. It will help you create memorable moments in your student life journey.

Important Notes:

  • The International Peer Mentor Community runs during the Fall and Winter intakes. We highly encourage you to sign up in advance as registration is limited.
  • A month before the term starts, you will receive an email from the VCC International team to indicate your peer mentor and your mentee team.
  • At the beginning of the term, peer mentors and mentees will participate in a special event to meet each other.
  • Ask questions and interact! Peer mentors will regularly communicate with their mentee team and plan social activities throughout the academic term.

Please read below all the details on how to participate as a Mentor or Mentee in this initiative.



A Mentee can be any new international student enrolled in a full-time program that is at least 5-months in length at VCC and who wants to be part of the International Peer Mentor Community. As a Mentee, you will meet with your team regularly throughout the term, participate in events organized by VCC International Education and have the opportunity to build friendships and hear more about the services available at VCC and around the community.

Mentee’s Responsibilities

  • Communicate regularly and effectively with your peer mentor and with your team
  • Attend one-on-ones, scheduled meetings, and activities with your peer community
  • Take the initiative, be on time, and engage throughout one academic VCC term
  • Show genuine interest and ask questions
  • Attend the ‘Meet Up’ event to meet your mentor and other mentees
  • Obey the VCC Education Support Policies
  • Apply the experiences and skills learned from your mentor and fellow mentees in the future!

Benefits of being a Mentee

  • Receive one-on-one support from a mentor
  • Meet people and make new friends from different backgrounds and cultures
  • Learn how to find resources and connect with different departments at the College
  • Get the chance to socialize with other students within the community
  • Learn about Canadian culture and help you overcome homesickness and culture shock
  • Participate in events and fun activities organized by VCC International Education

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A Peer Mentor can be any current VCC domestic or international student who has completed at least one term at VCC. A Peer Mentor needs to be in good academic standing, familiar with campus life, need to have the ability to relate to a diverse team of people and want to be a leader in our International Peer Mentor Community.

As a volunteer position, the Peer Mentor will support new international students (Mentees) to navigate their first term at VCC and give tips on how to maximize the opportunities offered in the community. The Peer Mentor commitment involves continued communication with the mentees through email, monthly meetings, and social activities.

As a Peer Mentor, you are not expected to have all the answers that a mentee might ask or replace academic and professional assistance provided by the College. Instead, you will help guide and support new international students during their adjustment throughout their first term. 

Mentor’s Responsibilities

  • Commit to volunteer for one academic term with an optional second term (with new mentees each term)
  • Provide one-on-one support and arrange team activities for your mentee team (up to 6 mentees)
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with your mentees throughout one academic VCC term
  • Be available to answer questions and share your knowledge and experience
  • Direct mentees to resources and support services available on campus
  • Encourage mentees to set and achieve goals
  • Help mentees build personal relationships with fellow students
  • Attend the ‘International Peer Mentor Training’
  • Attend the ‘Meet Up’ event to meet their mentees and other mentors
  • Participate in and help coordinate events and activities organized by VCC International Education
  • Obey the VCC Education Support Policies
  • Complete the International Peer Mentor Community report

Mentors will not provide immigration-related or academic advice to students. Please reach out to VCC International Education directly for support.

Benefits of being a Mentor

  • Receive a Volunteer Recognition letter and a Certificate of Appreciation from VCC International Education
  • Add volunteer experience in a leadership role and new skills to your resume and cover letter
  • Gain skills in leadership, mentorship, cross-cultural communication, teamwork, event planning and management
  • Make new friends from around the world and develop intercultural awareness
  • Enhance your professional network and socialize within the College community
  • Participate in training, development and engagement opportunities offered exclusively to mentors
  • Participate in events and fun activities organized by VCC International
  • Receive a gift card and VCC swags

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The Role of the VCC International Education

  • Provide leadership, training, and ongoing support to Peer Mentors
  • Facilitate matching the Peer Mentor with their Mentees
  • Provide the Meet Up event to connect Mentors and Mentees
  • Mediate any conflict between students or between the mentor and their mentees
  • Provide all academic and immigration-related advice to international students

Any questions about the International Peer Mentor Community can be directed to the VCC International Education at