International Tuition Deposit

The rates displayed below are estimated based on the current 2024-25 tuition rates, which are in effect between August 2024 and July 2025. Before paying your tuition deposit, check the refund policy to ensure you understand the refund policy, process and eligibility. As tuition and fees vary by program, click on the program links in the chart below to view the tuition estimate for your program of choice.

  • Tuition Deposit payment is required to accept a Letter of Offer and secure a seat in a program. The deposit amount will be deducted from tuition and fees starting in the first term.
  • First Year Estimates is calculated based on the first two terms of study. Students applying for a Study Permit through SDS (Student Direct Stream) may pay the estimated first-year fees instead of the tuition deposit amount.
  • The Non-Refundable Portion of the Tuition Deposit is $10,000 and is applied to the specific VCC program indicated on the official Letter of Acceptance (LOA). Refer to the other non-refundable fees for details on other fees.
  • Fee Increases may occur be expected and students will be required to pay increased rates if the fees change at any time during the period of enrolment in the program. Tuition and fees are approximate and subject to change due to yearly increases without notice. Refer to the program pages for a breakdown of fees for individual programs.
  • Refunds are issued directly back to the payer in the method used to make the payment. We highly recommend that only students make payments directly to VCC to ensure that in the event of a refund, the funds are refunded directly back to the student.


Click on program links for tuition estimates and breakdown

Tuition Deposit

Refund Policy

First Year Estimate


Accounting Diploma $11,000 $21,500
Administrative Professional Certificate $12,800 $24,700
Artisan Baking Certificate $15,800 $26,400
Associate of Science (Computer Science Pathway) $12,000 $16,800
Automotive Collision and Refinishing Diploma $11,900 $22,200
Automotive Parts and Service Management Diploma $10,300 $20,300
Automotive Service Technology Diploma $11,700 $22,100
Bachelor of Applied Music $10,600 $20,500
Bachelor of Hospitality Management $10,750 $21,000
Baking and Pastry Arts Dual Certificates $18,000 $29,000
Business and Project Management Post-Degree Diploma $11,000 $21,500
Business Management Post-Degree Diploma $10,850 $23,300
CAD and BIM Technician Diploma $16,000 $26,000
Computer Systems Technology Diploma $11,800 $27,100
Cosmetology Diploma $12,250 $23,700
Culinary Arts Diploma $13,500 $27,600
Cybersecurity Governance, Risk and Compliance $10,250 $18,000
Dance Diploma $10,500 $16,200
Dental Technology Sciences Diploma $12,600 $24,000
Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma $10,500 $23,400
Electronics Repair Technology Diploma $11,300 $21,900
Esthetics and Spa Therapy Certificate $10,750 $19,500
Fashion Design and Production Diploma $10,250 $18,500
First-Year University Certificate - Arts $10,250 $20,500
First-Year University Certificate - Science $10,250 $20,500
Graphic Design Diploma $10,750 $23,500
Hairstylist Certificate $10,750 $23,700
Health Care Assistant Diploma $12,000 $24,400
Heavy Mechanical Technology Diploma $11,000 $21,300
Hospitality Management Diploma $10,250 $19,600
Hospitality Management Post-Degree Diploma $10,250 $17,800
Jewellery Art and Design Diploma $10,250 $23,400
Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate $11,800 $12,200
Marketing Technology Diploma $11,000 $21,500
Medical Office Assistant Certificate $13,500 $14,300
Music Diploma $11,200 $20,500
Network Technology Administration and Security Post-Degree Diploma $10,900 $23,700
Occupational Physical Therapist Assistant Diploma $13,500 $30,700
Optician Diploma $13,100 $23,400
Pastry Certificate $15,800 $28,100