CREDENTIAL: Certificate

Get full theoretical knowledge and practical training in hair design including cutting, colouring, styling, and overall salon management while serving real clients at VCC’s state-of-the-art salon and spa.

Tuition: 21595*
Credential: Certificate
Hours: Full-time
Delivery: Class-based
Program Flyer: Download /media/vancouver-community-college/content-assets/documents/international/flyer-hair-design.pdf
Campus: Downtown Downtown

What you will learn

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Perform all duties of a hairstylist in accordance with industry health and safety standards related to hygiene, sanitation and disinfection practices.
  • Use and maintain tools and equipment according to industry standards.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior and communication skills with clients and co-workers.
  • Identify the structure and functions of the skin and the hair and recognize possible disease and disorders.
  • Perform shampooing, conditioning and scalp massaging services using the correct manipulations and professional haircare products.
  • Demonstrate elevated and non-elevated haircuts using a variety of tools and techniques.
  • Perform wet and dry hair styling using a variety of styling techniques, products and tools.
  • Apply the fundamentals of preparing and applying professional colour and lightening products using specific applications and techniques.
  • Demonstrate permanent wave procedures using a variety of tools and techniques.
  • Describe the types and purposes of hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces.
  • Apply fundamental business management knowledge and skills needed to operate a hair salon.

What to expect

The Hairstylist Certificate program is designed to meet the training needs of the Industry and the required training objectives established by SkilledTradesBC. The Hairstylist program provides a wide range of student learning opportunities in the classroom, salon and workplace settings. Students will gain hands-on practical experience working with clients in the VCC Salon and Spa. Industry work experience provides students with additional opportunities to apply their knowledge and technical skills in a workplace setting. Classroom instruction is designed for students to develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills which will be applied for success in the VCC Salon and Spa.

Active student learning and participation is emphasized throughout the program to promote the development of knowledge, technical skills and professional behaviour required for success in the industry. Lectures, demonstrations, group work, peer assessment, reflective journaling, and project based learning strategies are used throughout the program to promote student leaning.

Admission requirements


English 10 or equivalent.

Applicants who do not meet the program admission requirements may be admitted based on an interview with the Department leader or representative.


  • Seats are offered to applicants who have met all admission requirements, on a first-qualified, first-served basis.
  • International applicants must be 17 years of age or older or a graduate of a secondary school. (Some exceptions may apply.)
  • Applicants must submit official transcripts and educational documents as required by their course or program.
  • All VCC applicants are required to function successfully in an English-speaking classroom. English requirements vary by program. For details, visit VCC International - English Requirements.   

Recommended Characteristics

  • Sincere interest in administering personal services;
  • Interpersonal and communication skills required for providing customer service;
  • Good hand-eye coordination;
  • Manual dexterity and creative ability;
  • Normal colour vision;
  • Good depth perception and ability to perceive line and form;
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time;
  • Ability to plan and work independently;
  • Self-motivated and a sense of responsibility;
  • Basic writing and numerical skills;
  • Interest in art, fashion, creativity or design

Candidates considering this program are likely to be most successful as graduates if they are in good health and are aware that health concerns such as asthma, respiratory problems, skin conditions and eczema may be present in this career. 

Courses *

Classes are run 3 days per week, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., or 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., on Monday to Wednesday or Thursday to Saturday. Students will be expected to attend classes in the cohort schedules that are assigned to them. Although classes are only offered 3 days a week, students are expected to study, prepare for exams, and work on assignments during the remainder of the week.

Class times are subject to change.

Prior learning assessment and recognition

Prior learning assessment and recognition is not available for this program.

Fees and other costs *

Tuition deposits are payable usually within three weeks after a Letter of Offer is issued.

Tool kit: approximately $2,250 plus tax (subject to change). Check the Bookstore for updates and other required materials.

Tuition Deposit

10750 (10000 non-refundable)

Tution deposits are payable usually within two (2) weeks after a Letter of Offer is issued.

Fee descriptionFee AmountNotes
Application fee145
Tuition Tuition 21595
Student union212
College initiative125
Materials0 not including textbooks
Campus resource216
Tools (deposit)0
Coverall (deposit)0
Uniform (deposit)0
Medical and Dental 285
Temporary Medical Insurance 149
U-PASS 460
Program-specific extra fees450
Textbooks or other supplies may be required for this program. For information and prices, visit the VCC Bookstore.

Apply now

Jan, Mar 2025
(Winter term)
February 01, 2024
May 2025
(Spring/Summer term)
June 01, 2024
Sep, Oct 2024
(Fall term)
October 01, 2023


  • Apply Now: Qualified applicants may receive offers of admission if seats are available, or placed on waitlists if seats are full.
  • Closed: Applications are not accepted.
  • For details about application availability based on study permit status and recommendations if the application status is closed, visit the Availability Status page.
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