Frequently Asked Questions for VCC Students

Are you currently enrolled at VCC as an international student? Check out the following frequently asked questions.


1. I just graduated (completed my last day of classes). When will I get my Program Completion letter and transcript?

Once you have successfully completed your program and all of your grades have been entered by your instructors, the graduation audit will begin. Depending on your programs, you may be required to submit an application to graduate. Check the Graduation page for details.

The graduation audit can take up to 6 weeks to complete. If you are eligible to graduate, you will be awarded the credential, and automatically receive your Program Completion letter and your Electronic Transcript by email from You can use both documents to submit your Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) application.


2. When is convocation?

You can find information about convocation on the VCC Convocation website.  If you have further questions about convocation, please email


3. I need to apply for a study permit extension. What should I do?

One of the documents you are required to have is a Study Permit Extension letter from the IE Office.  To make a request, please complete the Study Permit Extension Support Letter on our website.

For information about extending your study permit, please visit Study Permit page on our website.


4. I need to apply for a TRV /visa. What should I do?

For information about visas required to enter Canada, please visit our Visa to Enter Canada page on our website.

If you need to apply for a new TRV, one of the documents you are required to have is a Confirmation of Enrolment letter from the IE Office. To make a request, please complete the Confirmation of Enrolment Request form and email it to

For instructions on how to apply for a TRV, please visit the IRCC website.


5. I wanted to invite my family to Canada. What should I do?

You will need to write an invitation letter on your own and provide an official Confirmation of Enrolment.  To make a request for the letter, please complete the Confirmation of Enrolment Request form and email it to For instructions on how to invite your family to Canada, please refer to Current Students – Resources – Handouts.


6. I’m going home for vacation during my scheduled break. I need a letter to confirm I’m a student at VCC so I can show it to the officers at the airport when I come back.

You can request a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter from the IE Office by completing a request form found on our website.  You may also want to consider having a printout of your unofficial transcript and course schedule from your myVCC account, just in case the immigration officials require to see more information.


7. Where do I find information about filing an income tax return?

Eligible VCC students receive income tax statements usually in late February from:

  • Vancouver Community College - shows the tuition fees paid in the previous year (T2202: Tuition and Enrolment Certificate form available through myVCC)
  • Banks - shows the interest that your money or investments earned
  • Employers - shows the salary you earned and the income tax that you paid

These slips are necessary if you decide to file an income tax return. An income tax return is a report that residents of Canada submit to the Canadian Government in order to report any income they have earned and taxes they have paid during the year.

You can get further information about Canada’s income tax system by visiting the following links:

International Students and Canada’s Income Tax

Getting a Tax Return


8. I just arrived in Canada just before I start my program. What do I need to do?

If you arrived in Canada prior to the start of your program, you can do the following:

Apply for medical insurance - refer to Government of B.C. Medical Insurance - Medical Services Plan (MSP).

Obtain your student ID card from the Registrar’s Office.

Purchase a Compass card and link your Upass.  More information found on the Upass webpage.

Email a scanned copy of your study and practicum work permit to

Refer to the ‘Future Students’ and ‘Current Students’ sections of our website for more information to help prepare you for classes:


9. Do I need to apply for MSP? Do I have to buy private medical insurance? How does extended health insurance work?

All residents who are living in BC for 6 months or longer are required to apply for the BC Medical Services (MSP) plan. Please note that MSP will start on the fourth month of your arrival, so VCC will enrol all new students in a 90-day private temporary medical insurance.

For more information about the mandatory private medical insurance, please visit our website: 

In addition to primary medical insurance, most students are eligible for the extended health and dental plan. For more information about the SUVCC extended health insurance, please visit their website.


10. How do I get Upass? What is my Upass doesn’t work?

You need to purchase a Compass card from a Skytrain station.  Once you purchase the card, you can link with your Upass by visiting this the Upass website. More information found on the VCC website.


11. I tried to change the DLI on myCIC, but it doesn’t work. What should I do? Is there a problem if I don’t change it?

To change your DLI, please visit the IRCC website.

If you are still having problems, contact IRCC using the IRCC webform.


12. Can I take some part-time courses in the Summer when I have a break?

It would be advisable to first speak with your department contact regarding taking courses during your scheduled break as this may impact your program progression.


13. Where can I get a student ID card?

You can obtain your student ID card at the Registrar’s Office.  Please be prepared to show a form of picture ID and your student number.


14. I’m going into year 2 of my program, when will I receive my schedule? How do I know how much my tuition is and what the payment deadline is?

You will receive your schedule approximately one month prior to you beginning Year 2, provided that you are in good academic standing and you have no holds on your account. The exact date you will be registered depends on when the schedule is available.  You will be emailed a copy of your schedule when your registration has been complete and you will be able to view that information in your myVCC account. After you have been registered, you will receive an email from the Student Accounts office with information about your tuition fees owing and payment deadlines.

If you have questions about your tuition and/or payment deadline, please contact the Student Accounts directly in person or by email:


15. What is the VCC requirement to be a "full-time" status student?

Please visit the Academic Status for International Students page.