VCC International Education Office registers students into classes for the majority of VCC programs.

Class Schedule

New Student Registration

University Transfer Course Registration

Articulation and Transfer


Class Schedules

Sample program schedules can be found on individual program pages. The exact class times may vary depending on sections. Students will receive detailed class schedules before their programs start.

Students may also check their class schedules on their myVCC accounts. If there is any outstanding fee payable, students will receive notification about tuition fees owing and payment deadlines.


New Student Registration

Newly admitted students who meet the important deadlines of document submission will be registered to start at VCC, and will receive class schedules before their programs start. If there is any outstanding fee payable, students will receive notification about tuition fees owing and payment deadlines.


University Transfer Course Registration

VCC will register University Transfer students in the first term. Starting from the second term, students will register themselves online after discussing course planning with an international student advisor.

Find out more details about University Transfer at VCC.

While students can take electives in a term they prefer, many CMPT and MATH courses are only offered in specific terms. The sample schedules below are for course planning purposes for international students to maintain their full-time study status. 

  • Course availability may change without prior notice.
  • Check the pre-requisites of the electives and course offerings before registration.
  • Consult the Associate of Science Degree page for details on the requirements.


Associate of Science Course Selection Guide

Electives Requirements and Options

6 electives are required to complete the Associate of Science Degree. Choose from the following list of electives to meet the program graduation requirements.

  • 2 courses in Arts 
  • 1 course in Lab Science
  • 1 course in Math or Science
  • 2 additional courses of your choice

Arts Electives

CRIM 1150 Intro to Criminology (3 credits)

ECON 1100 Microeconomics (3 credits)

ECON 1200 Macroeconomics (3 credits)

PSYC 1100 Psychology 1 (3 credits)

PSYC 1200 Psychology 2 (3 credits)

SOCI 1100 Sociology 1 (3 credits)

SOCI 1200 Sociology 2 (3 credits)

SCIE 1110 Professional Communication (3 credits)

Science Electives

EVSC 1100 Intro to Environmental Science (3 credits)

SCIE 1100 Engineering, Tech & Society (3 credits)

SCIE 1151 Engineering Graphics & Design (3 credits)

PHYS 1170 Mechanics 1 (3 credits)

Lab Science Electives

BIOL 1100 Biology 1 (4 credits)

BIOL 1200 Biology 2 (4 credits)

BIOL 1220 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 (4 credits)

BIOL 1120 Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 (4 credits)

CHEM 1121 Chemistry 1 (4 credits)

CHEM 1223 Chemistry 2 (4 credits)

PHYS 1100 Physics 1 (4 credits)

PHYS 1200 Physics 2 (4 credits)

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