Associate of Science

CREDENTIAL: Associate Degree
January, September
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Complete two years of undergraduate science at VCC, earning a solid foundation for upper-level university programs or a standalone credential.

Tuition: 39871*
Credential: Associate Degree
Length: 2 0 years
Hours: Full-time
Delivery: Class-based
Program Flyer: Download /media/vancouver-community-college/content-assets/documents/international/flyer-associate-of-science.pdf
Campus: Broadway Broadway
Start Dates: Jan, Sep

What you will learn

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Analyze and interpret data collected through research or laboratory experiences
  • Apply the core concepts of introductory sciences to real world problems
  • Apply competent and relevant technology skills in solving problems
  • Work well independently and in a team environment
  • Use their scientific educational experiences as a solid foundation for academic readiness to higher level study at the third and fourth year level courses

What to expect

The courses are presented using a variety of instructional strategies, resources and activities including lectures, laboratories, online and blending learning, field trips, demonstrations, guest speakers, case studies, and applied practical experiences.

Admission requirements


  • Grade 12 graduation or equivalent
  • Knowledge of English demonstrated by one of the following:
  • Knowlege of mathematics demonstrated by one of the following:
    • Math 12 Precalculus with a minimum 'B' grade or equivalent, or
    • Math Precalculus Test (MPT) with a minimum 72%
  • One of the following:
    • Biology 12 with a minimum 'C+' grade, or 
    • Chemistry 12 with a minimum 'C+' grade, or
    • Physics 12 with a minimum 'C+' grade, or
    • Equivalent


  1. Students are required to have successfully completed prerequisite courses leading to courses in the Associate degree (for example: prerequisite course Chemistry 12 or equivalent needs to be successfully completed in order to take CHEM 1121 Chemistry 1; a minimum of a 'B' grade in English 12 or equivalent is required to take ENGL 1100 English 1). See the requirements for each course. 
  2. Specific post-secondary level courses may be used to substitute for secondary school courses at the discretion of the appropriate departments.


  • Seats are offered to applicants who have met all admission requirements, on a first-qualified, first-served basis.
  • International applicants must be 17 years of age or older or a graduate of a secondary school. (Some exceptions may apply.)
  • Applicants must submit official transcripts and educational documents as required by their course or program.
  • All VCC applicants are required to function successfully in an English-speaking classroom. English requirements vary by program. For details, visit VCC International - English Requirements [PDF].   

Recommended Characteristics

  • Motivated and positive attitude towards learning
  • Good analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Computer literate, with some word processing experience and related technology skills

Courses *

Check Associate of Science (Computer Science Pathway) Course Registration for important details about prerequisites, course registration and review a sample schedule.


Prior learning assessment and recognition

Students may request formal recognition of prior learning attained through informal education, work, or other life experience, including Indigenous ways of knowing. Credits may be granted to students who are able to sufficiently demonstrate the learning outcomes of specific courses.    

Consult the course outlines for the availability of PLAR. Examples of courses that accept PLAR include the following:

  • MATH 1100 Calculus 1
  • MATH 1200 Calculus 2
  • MATH 1111 Introduction to Statistics

Students may complete up to nine program credits through PLAR. Tuition and fees may still apply to PLAR candidates. 

Methods of PLAR vary by course, and may include exams, portfolios, interviews, and other evaluations. To request PLAR, contact the appropriate department directly.

See Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition policy for more information. 

Fees and other costs *

Tuition deposits are payable usually within three weeks after a Letter of Offer is issued.

Tuition Deposit

12000 (10000 non-refundable)

Tution deposits are payable usually within two (2) weeks after a Letter of Offer is issued.

Fee descriptionFee AmountNotes
Application fee145
Tuition Tuition 39871
Student union320
College initiative177
Materials0 not including textbooks
Campus resource399
Tools (deposit)0
Coverall (deposit)0
Uniform (deposit)0
Medical and Dental 550
Temporary Medical Insurance 149
U-PASS 884
Program-specific extra fees0
Textbooks or other supplies may be required for this program. For information and prices, visit the VCC Bookstore.

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Associate of Science - Computer Science Pathway
Jan 2025
(Winter term)
February 01, 2024
Sep 2024
(Fall term)
October 01, 2023


  • Apply Now: Qualified applicants may receive offers of admission if seats are available, or placed on waitlists if seats are full.
  • Closed: Applications are not accepted.
  • For details about application availability based on study permit status and recommendations if the application status is closed, visit the Availability Status page.
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