Engineering Graphics & Design (SCIE 1151)

This course teaches the fundamentals of graphical communication in order to help students think and communicate visually in the context of engineering design. The course focuses on representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensional space using various views, such as isometric, multi-view sketches, and section view, and auxiliary views. Tolerancing and dimensioning, as well as notation for manufacturing will also be discussed. Through the use of computer-aided design (CAD) tools, students will apply the theory to real-world problems. This course also teaches fundamentals of schematics and printed circuit board design. Students will have the opportunity to create circuits in CAD tools and will understand various conventions and terminology surrounding circuits.

This course will also cover basic architectural and structural plans and elevations. Time permitting, some machine parts, bolts and other common mechanical engineering pieces will be reviewed.

This course is part of the full-time UT Engineering program.
Course code: SCIE 1151
Credits: 3.0
Length: 60.0 hours
Course outline: view

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