Catering & Special Orders (BAKG 1345)

This course connects students to all the skills and knowledge that have been learnt throughout the program. Students apply the skills and knowledge to manage and produce customer orders. Orders can range from products that were learnt in the Introduction to Baking, Applied Baking or Artisan Baking Specialty modules.

This course is part of the full-time Baking and Pastry Arts – Artisan Baking & Baking and Pastry Arts - Pastry Program.
Course code: BAKG 1345
Credits: 4.0
Length: 100.0 hours
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For Artisan Baking Certificate: BAKG 1341, BAKG 1342, BAKG 1343, BAKG 1344; For Pastry Certificate: BAKG 1314, BAKG 1347, BAKG 1348, BAKG 1349, BAKG 1350.

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