Computer Systems Primer (CSTP 1004)

Computer Systems Primer is a non credit course that gives learners an introduction to the world of PC computers as a system, both hardware and software.

Students will become familiar with the foundations of PC hardware and software through interactive small group or individual projects and will gain hands-on experience with a variety of PC components. These will include: assembling and disassembling a generic PC and basic installation, configuration, and setup of a generic PC.

Students will gain a basic understanding of the role of Operating Systems (OS) by installing a popular OS such as Windows 10, and learn to install and update various drivers such as video, audio, disk, and network drivers. Students will learn to create user accounts and and about basic user and account management. Through interactive activities students will engage in basic concepts of disk storage management, role of the file system, and file management.

The emphasis of this course is to empower learners, guiding them to confidently perform tasks independently through the method “I do, We do, You do”.
Course code: CSTP 1004
Credits: 0.0
Length: 80.0 hours
Course outline: view

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