Computer Systems Administration (CSTP 1104)

This course introduces students to the computer (PC) as a system, both hardware and software. Students learn PC hardware and peripheral components: their role, how to connect, install, configure, and troubleshoot issues. This also includes basic safety and operational procedures.

For software, students will gain knowledge of the fundamentals of Operating Systems (OS). They will acquire the skills needed to install and configure desktop computers and other devices in a business environment. Topics include OS architecture, file and disk management, BIOS and UEFI, multi-boot, virtual machines, software installation/removal, performance tuning, backing up and protecting data, and troubleshooting. The basics of networking, security, virus protection, and firewalls are also covered.
This course also reviews the complex concepts in OS such as process scheduling, Virtual Memory, signals and interrupts, and applications management by OS.

This course loosely follows latest CompTIA A+ certification syllabus, but taking the exam is not part of the course.
Course code: CSTP 1104
Credits: 5.0
Length: 100.0 hours
Course outline: view

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