Introduction to Computer Security (CSTP 2106)

In this course students learn the fundamentals of computer security. Students learn the principles of computer and information security in general, and become familiar with the fundamentals of designing a secure system both from hardware and software point of views.

Students learn about security policies, the principles of cryptography, the basics of authentication, data protection concepts, how access control systems work, and software security. In general, learners will become familiar with the principles, practices, and analysis of developing secure software systems. Additionally, students will learn to recognize several areas of security attacks, intrusions, examine current security measures and evaluate techniques to enhance existing measures.

The topics to be covered in detail are: Cryptographic Protocols, authentication and access, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and available security technologies.
Course code: CSTP 2106
Credits: 3.0
Length: 60.0 hours
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CSTP 1104, CSTP 1202.

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