Introduction to Cloud Computing (CSTP 2110)

In this course, learners gain a wider knowledge and deeper understanding of installing, configuring, and managing cloud infrastructure for an organization. Students are introduced to the cloud as a platform to acquire and use various resources which are traditionally used on a local hardware. This includes: cloud deployment models, cloud platform architectures, cloud computing platforms and comparative analysis

Cloud computing is comprised of virtual machine instances, load balancers, auto scaling groups, snapshots, and cloud networking. Students gain experience working with virtual private clouds (VPC), cloud storage and content delivery through cloud-hosted databases. Cloud security models are also covered including user identity, access management, and resource security.

This course is a mixture of lecture and hands-on, with students practising in the lab using services from various cloud providers such as Microsoft, VMWare, Google, and Amazon.
Course code: CSTP 2110
Credits: 3.0
Length: 60.0 hours
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CSTP 1206, CSTP 1303.

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