IT Development Project (CSTP 2204)

In this course, students work as a team on a group IT project on industry level projects. The project ideas are often recruited from external or internal (to VCC) clients. Students are exposed to all aspects of project development. Students work in a team to design, analyze, develop, test, and deliver a complete software application project.

The project team could be a collaborative team involving students from different disciplines including networking or web design programs. The selection of team members is done under guidance of the instructor and in collaboration among the students. The intent is that the team work should resemble as much as possible to real work environment in the IT project development sector. A project team will have a project manager and/or various leads which oversea the progress in multiple fronts such as coding, arts assets, and testing. The industry practices using SDLC, agile methodology, and weekly SCRUM meetings will be followed so students get a taste of how to work in a team in a typical development or IT company.

Students will study and employ the practical and theoretical concepts obtained in the first year systems analysis and design courses by building an IT system. Learners work as part of a development team on an IT problem for an external industry client. The project will include the production and demonstration of the functioning components of the system for each release within deadlines set out in the project management documentation. Students will present the final product to the client. The instructor, or external clients can work as the project client/stakeholder in determining if the project has been successful.

Students will also practice project management, documentation, meeting and presentation skills. As a contributor to a computer system development project, learners will prepare for and participate in project meetings, prepare project management documentation, adapt project management processes as required, manage progress using project management techniques and manage storage of project documentation.
Course code: CSTP 2204
Credits: 5.0
Length: 100.0 hours
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CSTP 2104, CSTP 2107.

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