iOS Mobile Application Programming (CSTP 2305)

In this course students study basic iOS application development for Apple mobile devices as well as cross platform application development for both Android and Apple devices. This course is designed for students who already have basic understanding of Object-Oriented programming using modern programming languages such as C++. Studies will learn how to use Apple's Swift programming language using development environment Xcode to develop general purpose application for Mac OS or iOS operating system. Students will utilize a cross platform development tool to create a mobile application that can run on multiple platforms.

The emphasis in this course is gaining familiarity with the toolchain, the necessary APIs, working with MacOS and Xcode, and basic coding in the Swift programming language. Students will have access to modern Mac Labs to develop and test their applications, but for publishing and using the latest updates and packages it is recommended students have access to a Mac PC such as Mac mini.
Course code: CSTP 2305
Credits: 3.0
Length: 60.0 hours
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CSTP 1205, CSTP 1206.

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