Dental Technology Practicum (DENT 2510)

This course involves placement and practical experience in an accredited dental laboratory; supervised and assessed by Registered Dental Technology (RDT) employers trained as VCC preceptors. Students work on real cases that involve the design, fabrication, modification and repair of Fixed Prosthetics (Ceramic, Composite and Metal); Full and Partial Removable Prosthetics and Orthodontic Appliances. Students will improve skills and productivity abilities. Students will gain practical experience in Computer- Assisted Design and Milling Technology (CAD-CAM) in all specialty areas and have the opportunity to be clinically evaluated by VCC faculty in preparation for the RDT Practical Licensing examinations after graduation. Students will be assessed to entry to practice competency and productivity levels.

This course is part of the full-time Dental Technology Program.
Course code: DENT 2510
Credits: 19.0
Length: 570.0 hours
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