ESL Experiential Learning 2 (ELSK 0905)

ESL Experiential Learning 2 is the final requirement for students who have achieved ESL Reading & Writing 9 and ESL Listening & Speaking 9 to obtain the ESL Certificate 2.This course requires independent learning involving seminars and one-on-one consultations with an instructor. The focus of the ESL Experiential Learning 2 course is on language and communication skills development in real world experiences (e.g. employment in a field related to a learner's career; volunteer work; community-based service learning projects; or completion of an academic course, etc.). With ESL instructor support, students identify a real world goal, develop an action plan and reflect and document on their language learning achieved in the pursuit of the real world goal.
Course code: ELSK 0905
Credits: 1.5
Length: 48.0 hours
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ESL Reading & Writing 9, ESL Listening & Speaking 9, or department approval.

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