Restaurant Operations (HOSP 2360)

Restaurant Operation is a course where students apply the theoretical knowledge and skills learned from various courses in the hospitality program. This course allows students to develop skills required to operate a casual dining room in a commercial kitchen setting. In the dining room students assume the roles and responsibilities of a manager, a server, hosting, cashiering, and bartending.
In the kitchen, students assume the role of a manager and produce all menu items, building on the culinary foundations taught in HOSP 2310 Food Production Principles. Instructors ensure students’ safety, all sanitation guidelines and quality of all food and beverage products. It is recommended that students take HOSP 1360 and HOSP 2310 prior to taking HOSP 2360.
Course code: HOSP 2360
Credits: 3.0
Length: 65.0 hours
Course outline: view

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