Common Health Challenges 2 (HRCA 1240)

This course explores common challenges to health and healing in relation to each body system. Students will explore the role of nutrition in common health challenges and developmental disabilities will be examined. Students will deepen their understanding of person-centred practice as it relates to the common challenges to health and, in particular, to end-of-life care.
Course code: HRCA 1240
Credits: 4.5
Length: 90.0 hours
Course outline: view


ELSK 0701, HRCA 1103, HRCA 1105, HRCA 1120, HRCA 1122, HRCA 1135, HRCA 1130, HRCA 1140.


ELSK 0702, HRCA 1224, HRCA 1232, HRCA 1230.

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