Clinical 2 (HRCA 1294)

This supervised practice experience provides students with further opportunity to apply knowledge and skills learned in the other courses in the Health Care Assistant program with individuals in a multi-level or complex care setting. A portion of this clinical experience will be devoted to working with individuals with dementia. Opportunity will be provided for students to increase their expertise and confidence with the role of the Health Care Assistant within a complex care facility. During this course students’ skills and application of knowledge will be assessed.
Course code: HRCA 1294
Credits: 6.0
Length: 180.0 hours
Course outline: view


HRCA 1190, HRCA 1191, HRCA 1192, HRCA 1181, HRCA 1182, HRCA 1183, HRCA 1184, HRCA 1197, HRCA 1293, HRCA 1291, HRCA 1292.

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