Metal Techniques 1: Foundations of Goldsmithing (JADE 1120)

This foundation metal techniques course introduces students to the basic processes that goldsmiths have been using for centuries around the world. Beginning with an introduction to the tools and equipment of the jewellery workshop, and with an emphasis on safety, students are shown proper technique and ergonomics of working at the jeweller’s bench. Through practice and repetition of skills such as sawing, piercing, drilling, filing, melting, rolling, forging, soldering, forming, finishing, and basic stone setting, they begin to internalize the processes of making jewellery and gain confidence when working with tools and materials. They then move on to synthesizing these skills into more complex creative projects. Basic metallurgy and mathematical formulae associated with jewellery-making are also covered.
Course code: JADE 1120
Credits: 12.0
Length: 300.0 hours
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JADE 1121, JADE 1122.

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