History and Culture of Jewellery 1 (JADE 1122)

Taking a global view of the development of jewellery over the centuries, this course encourages students to examine the role that jewellery has played in different societies. What are the similarities and differences in the ways different cultures have used jewellery and adornment as: symbols of status, wealth and power; talismans and ritual objects; functional objects and fastenings; dowry and symbols of commitment? How have the histories of craft, art and design intersected and influenced each other? Through exposure to diverse works of art from many cultures and epochs, students begin to build a visual vocabulary with which to enrich their work, and awaken to the possibilities of jewellery and its functions.
Course code: JADE 1122
Credits: 1.5
Length: 37.5 hours
Course outline: view https://www.vcc.ca/vccphp/courseoutline?subject=JADE&number=1122


JADE 1120, JADE 1121.

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