Design 1 (JADE 1125)

In this first Design course students are introduced to the Elements and Principles of Westcoast Indigenous and Western design. Using the Elements (Formline Design, texture, line, shape, colour, pattern, space, and form), students begin to build an inventory of tools and techniques with which do compose their jewellery designs. Discussions of the Principles of Design (Balance, Rhythm, Emphasis, Scale and Proportion, and Unity) guide students to a deeper understanding of the ways in which the elements can be arranged effectively. Idea generation and conceptual design are also introduced. Through brief presentations, group discussions and hands-on exercises, students work towards designing a series of jewellery pieces to be created for the Capstone Project.
Course code: JADE 1125
Credits: 1.5
Length: 37.5 hours
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JADE 1121.

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