Performance Ensemble (MUSC 2490)

Performance Ensemble is a practical musical experience where students work with a faculty director, student colleagues and community members to rehearse and perform in concert as an ensemble. Each performance ensemble will work on a variety of repertoire each term.

The different ensembles offered give students the opportunity to rehearse and perform music in a variety of
styles, and, depending on the ensemble, require sight-reading, improvisation, and other musical skills and techniques. In addition, in many ensembles students are encouraged to write or arrange music for the ensemble.

”Performance Ensemble” is repeatable for credit. Students require 4 terms (6 cr.) of “Performance Ensemble” to graduate. Students may participate in any VCC ensemble (or community ensemble as approved by the Department Head), subject to audition and/or entrance requirements.
Course code: MUSC 2490
Credits: 1.5
Length: 45.0 hours
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Acceptance into the VCC Music Diploma program or permission of instructor; Some ensembles encourage community members to register and participate.

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